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Gallistel-Ellis Test of Decoding Skills Reading - Recording Form Examiner Date Student I. One-syllable short-vowel words with single consonants can fat pal jam han big six kid vim ziv Total correct /25 fox hop job rot wot sun cup hub yum sud red yet web peg ket that track splat kiss mint frisk glim stop strong prod clob shut flunk grum help chest smell ject slope plode cube flute pute she spy lete fudge huge duce fence cent gen clown spoon glue cruit teach head cheek grew tween make plate...
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- Donna Good morningand welcome to our live webinar entitled"Using Literacy Screening Data to Support Students"with Reading Difficulties".My name is Donna Merritt.I am a consultant at SERC,the State Education Resource Center,and I will be moderating this webinar todaywhich is co-sponsored by theConnecticut State Department of Education.Our CSDE colleagues and collaborators areDr. Patricia Anderson,a consultant at the State Department of Education,Academic Office, Bureau of Special Educationand a school Psychologist.Dr. Anderson coordinates the State's SLD/Dyslexia Initiativeand is the Department's contact person for this initiative.Our second collaborator is Joanne White,also a consultant at the State Department of Educationin the Academic Office.Joanne is a state leader in the area of literacy,and support general education teachersthroughout Connecticut in developing CORE reading curriculumand tiered interventions.As we get started you should see on your screena survey question that will help us to capturethe breadth of our audience.Please take a moment to respond to the questionwhich will be the only one presented during the webinar.You should have received an emailguiding you to SERC's website to access the Power Pointfor this presentation, as well as handoutsthat illustrate a diagnostic question modeland a decision tree for reading.Other handouts and links can also be accessed at the site.This webinar will be archived at SERC's website,,in approximately one week.On the SLD/Dyslexia page at SERC's websiteyou can also access additional resourcespertinent to our topic.We will be fielding questions throughout the webinar.You may submit a question at any timeby typing it into the GoToWebinar control panel.We will pause at a midpoint in the webinar,and at the end to address questions.Dr. Margie Gillis is our featured presenter today.She is the president of Literacy How, Inc.and a Research Affiliate at Fairfield Universityand Haskins Labs.Dr. Gillis is nationally recognized as an expertin reading development and reading disabilities,including SLD/Dyslexia.She is the former president of the Connecticut branchof the International Dyslexia Society,and it's also a certified Academic Language Therapist,and currently provides professional development for teachersand consults in many Connecticut schoolsand with students and families.You will receive an email later today that will askfor your evaluation of this webinar,and we will remind you of this at the end of the webinar.We will value your feedback.And so, without any further ado,we're gonna turn it over to Margie Gillis,who is our presenter today.Margie. - Thank you, Donna.And thank you all for joining us this morning.And I'm just gonna jump right inbecause we have so much to cover this morning,and I hope that you all have the Power Point slidesin front of you.For those of you who have heard me...
What is gallistel ellis?
The Gallistel-Ellis Test of Coding Skills (GE Test) is a comprehensive measure of coding skills in reading and spelling. ... More importantly, it measures whether the student can recognize and spell words made up of these sounds.
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